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Capricorn Horoscope

Dec 22 - Jan 19

Friday, September 30, 2022

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th, coincides with quicksilver Mercury turning retrograde. The combination of these energies is inviting you to review decisions you have been pondering, concerning perhaps your career, or even might it be, where you want to enjoy more spontaneity and freedom? Yet chances are your sense of self, or financial resources, can feed into much of this, and with your ruler, Saturn, continuing to retrace his steps, and in an abrasive right angle to the planet of change, Uranus, your traditional instinct for caution, is likely well placed. The really good news though Capricorn, is that your stamina can improve this month, especially in the last ten days, and your patience and diligence can, along with a generously supported New Moon, lead to the outcomes you have been striving quietly towards for some time.
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Capricorn facts & traits

Dec 22 - Jan 19
Leaf icon to signify earth qualityElement: Earth
Negative icon to show negative polarityPolarity:Negative
Cardinal icon to show cardinal modalityMode:Cardinal
Planet icon to signify ruling planet as SaturnRuling Planet: Saturn
House icon to signify ruling house as TenthRuling House: Tenth
Symbol icon to signify symbol as GoatSymbol: Goat
Color wheel icon to signify color as GrayColor: Gray
Flower icon to signify flower as PansyFlower: Pansy
Silohuette icon to signify qualities as Ambitious, realistic, sensitive, disciplinedQualities: Ambitious, realistic, sensitive, disciplined
Star icon to signify celebrities as Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Regina KingCelebrities: Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Regina King
Briefcase icon to signify careers as Architect, engineer, real estate agentCareers: Architect, engineer, real estate agent

More about Capricorn
You are a Capricorn. You are remarkably detail-oriented and quite ambitious. You often put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed beyond expectations, but this helps you create extraordinary pieces of work. You take a strong sense of responsibility for your actions, which makes people feel comfortable giving you constructive criticism. Your firm practicality allows you to avoid making poor, near-sighted decisions that many others fall victim to.
The symbol of the goat signifies the stubbornness you have for finishing something that you’ve started, while the element of earth signifies your ability to ground yourself when your patience is severely tested. Your aim for perfection drives your success, but remember that things will not always go exactly how you want them to – and that’s ok!

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