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Leo Horoscope

Jul 23 - Aug 22

Friday, September 30, 2022

Mars is urging you to think hard about your long terms hopes, and the way you can network with others to achieve them. Its angle to Mercury for the first ten days, can see lots of exciting and sparkling conversations. With Venus leaving your sign on the 5th, this can often trigger some kind of uptick around income, but the overall financial environs we are all facing, suggest you may want to play safe with any potential gains, and the Full Moon of the 10th, suggests juggling to keep things in balance. Still, for a Fixed sign like yours, change is not always welcome, but the Sun's angle to Uranus in week two, urges you to be as open minded and flexible as possible. With Neptune opposing the Sun in week three, you can be more sensitive to rich or sugary foods, but Pluto suggests you can find that streak of virtue, if needed. Lovely connections later in the month, could see a new bond forged locally or on line.
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Leo facts & traits

Jul 23 - Aug 22
Flame icon to signify fire qualityElement: Fire
Positive icon to show positive polarityPolarity:Positive
Fixed icon to show fixed modalityMode:Fixed
Planet icon to signify ruling planet as SunRuling Planet: Sun
House icon to signify ruling house as FifthRuling House: Fifth
Symbol icon to signify symbol as LionSymbol: Lion
Color wheel icon to signify color as GoldColor: Gold
Flower icon to signify flower as SunflowerFlower: Sunflower
Silohuette icon to signify qualities as Self-confident, leader, protective, socialQualities: Self-confident, leader, protective, social
Star icon to signify celebrities as Lisa Kudrow, Meghan Markle, Anna KendrickCelebrities: Lisa Kudrow, Meghan Markle, Anna Kendrick
Briefcase icon to signify careers as Politician, actor, musicianCareers: Politician, actor, musician

More about Leo
You are a Leo. You are fiercely enthusiastic and animated when it comes to the things you are most passionate about. A powerful self-assurance bolsters the presentation of your ideas, but it is important that you don’t overpower those around you. You work well when given the freedom to do things your way and often seek out tasks that play to your strengths. Your ability to take charge of even the most trying situations inspires those around you to follow your lead.
The symbol of the Lion signifies the ferocious nature with which you will defend your loved ones, while the element of fire symbolizes your bold self-expression. While your strong personality may catch certain people off-guard, it allows you to constantly live in the moment.

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