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Gemini Horoscope

May 21 - Jun 20

Friday, September 30, 2022

Your guide planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th, initially in your sister air sign of Libra. But as much as this may have given you a push to interact with others early on in September, this is a month when home and hearth can call out to you powerfully. For sure, Mars in your sign is giving you more innate drive, but its square to last month's Solar Lunation in Virgo, suggests you may want to direct some of your energies towards making your residency or emotional ties as good as possible. From the 16th to the 22nd, some big transformations can shape up deep within you, or around you too. Once the Autumnal Equinox occurs on the 23rd, you will likely feel more outgoing, and especially on the sensational New Moon of the 25th, which for you in particular, could prove fortunate for relationships of all kinds.
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Gemini facts & traits

May 21 - Jun 20
Cloud icon to signify wind qualityElement: Air
Positive icon to show positive polarityPolarity:Positive
Mutable icon to show mutable modalityMode:Mutable
Planet icon to signify ruling planet as MercuryRuling Planet: Mercury
House icon to signify ruling house as ThirdRuling House: Third
Symbol icon to signify symbol as TwinsSymbol: Twins
Color wheel icon to signify color as YellowColor: Yellow
Flower icon to signify flower as LavenderFlower: Lavender
Silohuette icon to signify qualities as Versatile, curious, witty, erraticQualities: Versatile, curious, witty, erratic
Star icon to signify celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Mel B, AwkwafinaCelebrities: Angelina Jolie, Mel B, Awkwafina
Briefcase icon to signify careers as Teacher, life coach, talk show hostCareers: Teacher, life coach, talk show host

More about Gemini
You are a Gemini. You live with a vigor and up-beat energy that many others strive for. At times, you may focus too much on acting in the way that you think people expect you to, but this is actually a testament to your emotional awareness. You are prone to boredom when working on the same task for too long, but this mindset feeds your wild imagination. Your ability to find the fun in life drives people to seek you out in a variety of social settings.
The symbol of the twins signifies the conflicting inner emotions you often feel when faced with a challenging situation, while a mutable mode illustrates your willingness to change with your environment. While people have a tough time figuring you out, it is this mysterious nature that makes you so interesting.

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