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Scorpio Horoscope

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Friday, September 30, 2022

Do you remember a bit of a stand-off between what you wanted and what a partner or family member wanted, concerning your home life or where to live back in 2021? If this strikes a celestial chord with you, just be aware that Saturn Square Uranus, the planetary alignment that triggered this, is coming back into greater influence once more. However, this time all you've learned can see some solutions unfold. But to achieve, the Sun, then Venus and finally Mercury, ask you to seek out ways that you can work together, constructively, so there is greater chance everyone can get at least some of what they need. What may surprise you is the ideas others generate, which may be more unusual, but actually very smart. What is undeniable, is that your yearning for what you really want and need, Mars in your 8th House, is likely to be very considerable indeed.
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Scorpio facts & traits

Oct 23 - Nov 21
Water icon to signify water qualityElement: Water
Negative icon to show negative polarityPolarity:Negative
Fixed icon to show fixed modalityMode:Fixed
Planet icon to signify ruling planet as Mars & PlutoRuling Planet: Mars & Pluto
House icon to signify ruling house as EighthRuling House: Eighth
Symbol icon to signify symbol as ScorpionSymbol: Scorpion
Color wheel icon to signify color as BlackColor: Black
Flower icon to signify flower as GeraniumFlower: Geranium
Silohuette icon to signify qualities as Passionate, turbulent, obsessive, vengefulQualities: Passionate, turbulent, obsessive, vengeful
Star icon to signify celebrities as Katy Perry, Lorde, Kendall JennerCelebrities: Katy Perry, Lorde, Kendall Jenner
Briefcase icon to signify careers as Psychologist, massage therapist, fertility specialistCareers: Psychologist, massage therapist, fertility specialist

More about Scorpio
You are a Scorpio. You are extremely strong-willed and true to yourself. At times, you may come across as a little aggressive, but this is just due to your unparalleled intensity. The dedication you give to even the most insignificant tasks is difficult for both superiors and peers to overlook. You are not afraid to be the “bad guy” if you think it’s necessary, which is why your friends come to you when they need an honest opinion.
The symbol of the scorpion signifies the sharp edge you give off towards those that wrong you, while your fixed mode signifies your affinity to stay with what you know. Although your sometimes-unconventional views make you stand out, your differing perspective allows for colleagues’ best ideas to come to the surface.

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